Thursday, January 19, 2017

Currently Crushing!

It's been very busy getting the new home ready as I slowly move out of my old farmhouse. Many of my old pieces will come along for the move but there are still things that I may want to add as this house has a much different feel from the old one!  I love making wish lists and thought I would share some of the things I am currently crushing . Just keeping an eye on these lovelies for possibly future use. What are you crushing these days?

Well all of the above from Wisteria!
Pretty much anything that has a hint of Neoclassical.. will do nicely.

Low and green, had me at hello!

OH yes one day soon I will have some pottery from

Zig Zag Mud cloth!

Beautiful Block Print!
Its so relaxed and timeless..

These adorable decoupaged paperweights..

Day beds are a serious crush for me as I try to plan out my foyer!'
Love this French one from 1stDibs.

I also like this new one from Gabby!

This one is very transitional from Etsy!
My Chic Nest


  1. Love all your pics. You have great taste, sweet Karolyn!

  2. yes to everything on your list! love it all especially the green chairs and block print. loves!

  3. Fabulous finds! I cannot wait to check them out. The first photo/print is fabulous!

  4. All of these are just so stunning!


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