Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Your Daily Greens...

I am not sure if it's the Winter blahs but I am craving greens!  Not only nutritionally but esthetically.
So in the new home that I am slowly moving into, I find myself wanting to add pops of green.  
The thing about green is there are so many fabulous shades!  One minute I want a true gray/green, then I want moss and when I see a great chartreuse I just smile!  Yes, it's a tough choice but here are some ways I started adding it to my decor below!
Kitchen counter!

Kitchen /Family room with touches on the coffee table and counter. There will be pillows to follow that also have touches of green throughout the fabric.

Below are some great fabrics and rooms that make it easy to be green!

Above all from Schumacher!

Below are the pots that I have the biggest crush on and have two of them on my coffee table
I am hoping to acquire more!

Above are from


  1. I love green too! I'm a Taurus so it is my color! Haha. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the symmetry.

  2. I love the kitchen in the second image!


    1. Thanks so much Lauren it's coming together finally!

  3. besides cold hard cash, the green in that last image of pottery is my fav. xox

  4. Love all of your touches of green! I cannot wait to see more of your new house! It looks beautiful! I love the green toile fabric.

    I have always been drawn to green landscapes and have collected them for years! I cannot wait until you start to sell your beautiful paintings and then I can add one to my collection!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. I love all these pics of green. It reminds me of Spring... the thing I crave the most. Have a fabulous week, sweet Karolyn!

  6. The vibrant greens really brightened my dreary January day!! Thanks! Have a great week, Karolyn! xoxo


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