Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Energize and Organize!

The one thing moving into a new house allows you is the chance to start over and get organized.  Now, I just have to get back to eating well and getting energized to take on the task!  I have tried to make it simple by starting with my pantry and linen closet. Both were bare spaces so either built ins or metal shelving were the choices.  Considering I have many other things to put my budget towards, I took the economical way out and chose industrial metal shelving.  This is easy to clean and really allows for lots of space to place things out of the way.

Clean space with floor to ceiling reasonably priced subway tile.

Racks with wheels for easy moving and cleaning!

Now for adding some of these goodies...

LOVE these!

Baskets are always a good idea!

Sometimes you need to see what your are storing so head over to Target for that!
Below what a clever way to stack your lids, need this one too.

Above racks found at Target.
Other places to find great metal shelving on wheels are Home Depot and

Great additions for shelving - Target!

I do have a section in my pantry that I will place a coffee station and some art work.
Considering the walls are tile any Command Strip set will come in handy!
If I get adventurous and decide to hang art work by chain from the ceiling then the kit below 
from Displays2Go will come in handy,

Now this guy is in the running for my coffee station.. stay tuned.


  1. Karolyn all your ideas will come together beautifully in your pantry. I am in a huge loving pot belly baskets and canvas bins with wheels mood. Can't wait to see the enhancements you add for storage.
    Happy New Year in your gorgeous new house, I have been enjoying all your photo shares.

  2. Metal shelves like that are great--there's a reason why restaurants use them. Speaking of which, you might be able to find them at a restaurant supply store.

  3. What a wonderful space and love the rolling metal shelves - perfect for storing everything. I am a big fan of baskets and glass jars that clasp for easy usage. Adore everything about your new house! Happy New Year, my friend!

  4. thanks for all these great ideas, i need to shop at Target more. And i look forward to seeing your pictures of your new space.

  5. I love it! It looks fabulous and I cannot wait to see more! Good luck with your projects and a very happy new year to you!

  6. where did you find the acrylic bins? I did not see them on Target website.

  7. Wow!! That will be some pantry!!! You have such great taste - the new house will be stunning!!! xoxo

  8. Love that pantry Karolyn and I can't wait for your full house tour!

  9. Thank you for such great links on organizational supplies. I love the piece you are considering for your coffee station!

  10. it's so smart to start with one closet or a little room first! i totally agree. then you can gain momentum and tackle a slightly larger area. love that industrial classic look. bravo! xox

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