Thursday, February 16, 2017

Neutral But Not Boring!

Doesn't it seem like neutral decor has taken over?  I love that neutral palette is easy on the eye and allows one to decompress when entering a neutral space.  However, I sometimes get bored seeing the same theme over and over again.  Neutral need not be boring!  One can have  a neutral feel but add wonderful textured  fabrics, rugs and and objects to keep the room fresh. There are a few designers that do neutral so well and one is Mark D. Sikes.  He always manages to find balance in the space yet keeps your eye wandering in amazement such as below...

These next ones are wonderful as well!

I absolutely love the inter mix of neutrals by Highland Court for Duralee!
These can add style to any neutral space taking it from yawn to YES!  


  1. I love these neutral looks. Mark D. Sikes is so talented and I enjoy seeing all of his work.

  2. There is nothing I love quite as much as the calmness of a neutral space. You definitely show that neutral never has to be boring. Happy Monday, Karolyn!


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