Sunday, February 12, 2017

Perfect Play ON Pattern- Emilie Irving

I know we are all obsessed with 50 shades of gray... not the book, the decor!  It's easy to work with and calming to the eye but I still crave a bit of pattern these days.   I love a gray and white room but I really admire a room filled with a perfect play on pattern even more.  It really takes time and thought when grouping several patterns and colors together.  I found one woman who seems to do it effortlessly and that is Emilie Irving.  I thoroughly enjoyed the article about her home in the NYTimes- HERE.
The home is definitely filled with ethnic influence, antiques and plenty of gorgeous textiles.  Even if you are a minimalist at heart I am sure you could find at least one piece of pattern you would like in this article So check it out! All images from the NY TIMES.

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  1. Great house! Love the use of color! Have a great week, sweet Karolyn.


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