Thursday, May 10, 2012

Steven Gambrel-Time & Place

I was so excited to open up the new book I just received:Time and Place by Steven Gambrel. He is one of the top designers in this country and I respect his work tremendously. The cover immediately lets you know what you are in store for, which is nothing short of fabulous! I love each and every room, no cookie cutter or trendy design tricks, each has just pure individuality with utter personality! According to Steven he loves to travel to new places to distill the essence of the place. He studies visual clues and social traditions with in each region or structure. He feels that the place the client chooses to live reflects their personality, and helps inform others of their unique lifestyle. I love his statement,"If one can inform their surroundings with personal interests and preferences, it becomes a more authentic place to live." I could not agree more, people need to infuse their own space with personality, not reflected by what everyone else has, rather by the way you live and personal preferences. If you do not have this book, run don't walk to your nearest bookstore and buy!  You will be so inspired by truly good design. Here is just an appetizer of what is in this book!

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