Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Virginia Hotel in New Jersey!

The Virginia Hotel located in Cape May NJ is a little gem of the Jersey Shore! If you are looking for a quaint boutique hotel in an adorable town within walking distance to the ocean, this is it. I know the Jersey shore tends to have a bad reputation now because of good old MTV, but don't let that fool you! We have some beautiful shore towns that have not gone wild yet, and are definitely worth visiting. Check out this great summer spot for chilling, swimming and dining! 

The Ebbitt Room, fine dining!


  1. Put vermillion in a room, and you have won my heart!! Love everything here!
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Absolutely charming... I've never watched an episode of JS. I prefer to think of it as you've captured it here.
    xoxo, B

  3. How lovely! I always adore seeing boutique hotels

  4. This seems to be a luxurious hotel, the interiors, designs & the courtyard they just seem to be amazing.


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