Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cozy Up with Cashmere And Such!

Well, there is no beating around the bush, "Baby It's Cold Outside"! We are in a blizzard and I think we have at least  a foot at the moment and no sign of stopping . I cleared a path for the dogs , who love this weather.  However, "Mr  Remy" my cat not so much!  It's one of those days to organize, read or just plain relax.  Anyway you look at it one needs to be cozy in this type of weather, so here are some things that I think are essential to bring on that cozy feeling.

A cashmere turban that even  'The Teggy French" Would approve of!

By far the warmest coat company and worth every penny, mine lasted 5 years!

Fun and functional, waterproof Merrells!

Water Wicking socks a must!
Fox River Wick Dry!

Who says warm primaloft gloves cant be stylish!
I love Kombi gloves and always used them when I lived in Lake Placid, mind you the temperature use to hit 15 below!

Well, when you come back inside from the frozen tundra there is nothing better than anything cashmere. Yes, cashmere is expensive but now the sales have begun and it is so classic you will use it for years to come! I have a few cashmere sweaters that I have been pulling out for 3 years now and they still look great!

Cashmere Throw blanket!

Could live in this!

Yummy Ugg slippers!

If you dont' have  a fireplace to cozy up to then this wonderful candle wood tray from Himalayan is the ticket!
A perfect scent for this time of year is Ancient Philosophy!

Now that you are geared up for staying inside one must have cozy treats!

By far my favorite Decaf coffee and it's roasted locally in Hunterdon County NJ!
Its delicious, trust me!

For the sweet tooth- Yummo!

What would hot cocoa be without WS marshmallows!

This is the comfort soup I made for this weekend.
Chicken Tortilla from the Neiman Marcus Cookbook , which is fantastic I might add!

A great glass of wine doesn't hurt either and although I love red it doesn't sit well with me these days .
We visited this vineyard last year and have  a few of these wonderful bottles in our little cellar.

Finally a good book!

I am reading this one this weekend for book club and so far so good!

This one I just finished and it was wonderful! Someone better turn this into a movie, 
Oprah Hint Hint!


  1. Great post for a blustery winter day! My kids (and dog) have been in an out all day. We are definitely getting what they predicted! I will have to check out the Sue Monk Kidd book after I get through my pile of books...well, pile of snow too! lol. Stay warm!

  2. Oh my. I cant seem to get dressed today as I watch the storm on TV from my sofa. It feels so cozy!!!! I'd like the soup and hot chocolate for a relaxing day. I feel for the animals who have to go outside. Stay warm and dry! Open that wine...

    1. I have toasty warm coats for my dogs since they insist on playing in the snow! xo K

  3. So love this post...its everything I love! I am all about coziness, wearing a big oversized cashmere sweater as we speak and leggings....have soup cooking, fireplace rolling and about to start a movie binge:) We have 14" and counting...nuts!!! Stay safe and warm:)

  4. Hello sweet Karolyn! Hoping you are nice and warm and sipping some of that delicious hot chocolate you have pictured. Love all your choices for warm stuff. I love my ugg slippers. Your soup looks delish! Stay warm dear friend!

    1. Hopefully Boston is getting a break this year! Stay warm! XO

  5. Lord have mercy, Karolyn...this post is wonderful! I love the wooden candle, the square marshmallows, the Wellies and everything else. You have impeccable taste and it really shows. Keep warm.

  6. I love that first hat; everything in this post is so beautiful! We got 8 inches of snow where I live which is unheard of in Nashville, I can't imagine having a foot of snow! I hope you are keeping warm and safe!


    1. Oh my goodness poor Nashville I hope you warm up soon!

  7. The soup is a hit at my house! I make it all the time and the best recipe!
    Loved all of your suggestions just perfect!
    Stay warm,

  8. Good morning! I hope that you are well on this frigid morning and that you have managed to dig yourself out of the snow.

    I love your entire selection! Cashmere is a favorite, in fact I have those slippers! I am off to check out your links. Have a very happy week!

  9. Good morning Karolyn! You have cozy covered!! Love the cashmere turban and really, anything cashmere!! Curling up with Godiva hot chocolate and a good book makes for a wonderfully relaxing day and then Chicken Tortilla soup! I just finished Circling the Sun, excellent!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dreams of Spring!


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