Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Must Share!

Like many of you on the Eastern part of the United States I was snow bound this weekend! We had 30 inches of snow and school is cancelled today as well. I spent the weekend organizing,  doing trim work touch up painting and searching the Web for the fun things. Well, I found some fun things alright!  Since I like you all so much I thought it would be nice to share a few finds.  Many of them of course are from Etsy because I  believe in supporting  the small businesses too.  What are some of  your favorite finds?
Do tell!

I adore this lantern from The Enchanted Home!

Okay these stair hand rails are unbelievable!
and available on Etsy at - LuxHoldUps

Look at the elegant simplicity of these rails!

I LOVE these elephant lamps, because I use lighting as decorative pieces.
My new favorite store on ETSY- The Lanai



Aren't these simple yet modern candle holders great!

Hmm another elephant, am I obsessed?
Adorable candle holder!
Etsy- BostonInventory

Really? These outdoor lounge beds look so good right now!

Vintage Suzani, I could a few things with this beauty!

I absolutely love all of the wildlife photographs in this shop and for the sizes available the price is so good! Etsy- WildnisPhotography

Okay so you don't have the budget for artwork, now problem Chairish has you covered! Look at some of these fun prints for $99.00

I always love anything Aviary and Wisteria has truly great bird theme wall art!

Of course what would a web search be without check to see 
what Bonny has put on her site!
Look at these vases! 

They are gorgeous, now I really have to get myself over to her Summit Shop!

Again Bonny Neiman- WOW!


  1. the vintage suzani...yes, please! hope you are managing the volume of precipitation without too much headache. i would probably make myself a nice nest in bed and escape into my design books! peace.

  2. I love your finds, especially the elephant and zebra photographs! Stunning. Stay warm!

  3. Bonny Neiman! Oh my goodness...
    Take care of yourself and stay cozy!

  4. Love all your great finds but the Mister is gonna be mad at you!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great finds! Dying over the hand rail, and ice bucket. I could spend hours hunting on the Internet. What did we ever do before??? It makes me laugh that I didn't have it all the way through school. Kids are so lucky now to have google! Lol

  6. I love the first piece - beautiful finds! I can't even imagine what 30 inches of snow looks like! We got 8 inches where I live and I thought that was a boat load of snow!


  7. Us too - 30 inches of snow! I agree with you about supporting small business and I buy lots from etsy. I love most of your choices.

  8. So many great finds Karolyn! Love the variety of art and wow,that Bonny Neiman table!! Stay warm and safe!

    The Arts by Karena


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